Why Geothermal for your building?

Did you know that more than two-thirds of energy consumption is from heating, cooling and hot water? You are investing a lot to heat and cool your home and keep that water hot! 

Are you making use of your available energy sources as effectively as possible? Did you know that the best way to handle all three, is just below your feet?

Geothermal systems tap into the ground just beneath you to provide consistent and reliable source for heating, cooling and even hot water, all year round. Geothermal systems have a variety of benefits including:

Being installed underground - no need for exterior equipment! You won’t even know it’s there. These systems can be installed in parking lots, green spaces or even under buildings!

Safer by reducing the amount of risk to carbon monoxide in created as you heat your building or hot water. 

By moving air more often, this will provide a more consistent and comfortable temperature and humidity control, making the whole building feel better.

Lower maintenance required - there is potentially nothing other than the heat pumps and the pumps to maintain! The ground loop itself doesn’t require any maintenance, and this system can eliminate the need for specialized technicians to flush, clean, descale or service specialized mechanical equipment.

And many more!

There are lots of appealing advantages to investing in a geothermal heating and cooling system. Now is the time to upgrade to a geothermal system - if you're interested in securing the most energy-efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly, contact us today!

Committed to Quality and Safety

Midwest Geothermal exclusively offers installation of geothermal ground loops. Our team offers extensive experience from initial budgeting and feasibility through final flushing, purging and commissioning. Our crews exclusively install geothermal ground source heat exchangers every day, making Midwest Geothermal the contractor of choice across the country.  Including Midwest Geothermal in your project team ensures a level of quality and professionalism to every installation. With our experience of commercial installations of every shape and size, we will work with the entire team to ensure a successful project.

Experienced leadership with Proven Solutions

Over 600 completed tasks - Certified Professional Residential Designer on staff

- Accredited Installer & Driller for Geothermal Systems in the U.S.A.

- Members and Associates of numerous prestigious organizations including: IGSHPA, GEO Exchange, NGWA, The California Geothermal Energy Association, and The Geothermal Alliance of Illinois.

Our teams are HDPE fusion certified from .75” up through 18” in diameter.

Equipment and Training

At Midwest Geothermal, we invest in our people and our equipment. We have, five drilling teams that have completed drilling over 3,500,000 bore foot so far. Three excavation teams that have installed over 685 miles of geothermal pipes. Seven IGSHPA Accredited Installers, seventeen certified fusion technicians, and a dedicated service truck to support the geothermal market.

First we build relationships

We want you to have the most successful geothermal project possible. Contact us with any questions you may have about the technology, installation process, how it works - anything you need to know, we are here for you. Contact us today for more information.
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